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Monday, October 6, 2003

Headed off for Nashville at 2pm and arrived around 9pm Nashville time. Met up with my publicist, Mike Farley at the 12th and Porter club. Missed a solo performance by Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) by about 30 minutes.....Damn. caught a great set by a new band from Dublin, Ireland called Mr. North, Saw a few other acts and headed for the humble abode of Mr. Farley and his wife Jen. The greatest thrill of the evening was a guest appearance on the wall by a 3 inch inch Palmetto bug that cleverly leaped behind the entertainment center by my bed when Mike bravely went at it with the swatter. Mike and Jen of course went lightheartedly off to bed while I lay there considering my fate as I dozed off. In my dream later that night, the bug grew to be six feet long and held me in a headlock as I screamed "UNCLE, UUNNCLLE!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Great lazy day! Packed up my guitar and went with Mike and Jen to a singer/songwriter night in town. These things are amazing. You never know who's going to be there. Headed over to a small pub called The Sherlock Holmes Tavern to meet up with a friend Steve that I met in New Orleans. Found myself sitting next to none other than Richard Marx and Keith Urban at the bar.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Off to the old Broadway district in Nashville with my tour guide, Jen Farley. Visited the musician's paradise "Gruhn Guitars" store and drooled over a few vintage Martin guitars that I might someday own. Then off to the famous "Tootsies" bar where many of the greats have sang and were discovered. Got to get up and sing a few tunes at the mic. Pretty cool sitting there singing in the middle of all that history. Another songwriter night that evening with Mike and Jen. Halfway through the set, the singer in the middle chimes up..."here's one I wrote about 5 years ago" and busts into the biggest Tim McGraw hit in his career. That's what I love about Nashville. You never know who's gonna show up.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Off to Mississippi. Arrived that afternoon in Hattiesburg after a cool drive through the cotton fields in Alabama and an almost speeding ticket. The officer never pulled me over. He just pulled alongside me and gave me the big eye. Just as I prepared for the old "merge right" he drifted back and then pulled off the highway on to the grass. I laughed out loud as I drove on. I wasn't really going that fast and he looked at me for so long I was half tempted to snap a quick photo of him through the window and suffer the consequences in the quest for an award winning photo. Met Christy Hust (who put all of this together) and got a tour of the town. What a feeling it is to drive through a town halfway accross the country and see your music for sale in stores, hear it on the radio and read about it in the newspaper. I'll never think it anything short of amazing.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Good show at Mugshots. Opened for an amazing blues artist named Richard Johnston. He got up with a slide guitar made with a cigar box and strings from bass and standard guitars. Never heard anything like it before. Great turnout and great audience. People are really into music here.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Rainy day at the big event, "Hubfest." Still a good turnout and a good set. Ran into a band called Adam's Attic that I met in New Orleans a few months ago. All the media showed up including Doug from Rock 104 who helped a lot with promoting the event and other shows. Poked around later that afternoon and hooked up with a singer/songwriter named Thomas Jackson who may come up to Flannery's here in Cleveland for a show this winter.

Big suprise was the event that night. Was supposed to be a small evening set at the Hub City Grill. Turned out to be a sold out show and a great night. Sold a bunch of CD's and met some really cool people. Felt like I lived there by the time the night was over. Great way to finish out the trip.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Rose early. Back home to Ohio. Thought I'd stop in Nashville on the way back but caught a second wind on the drive and pushed made it all the way to Dayton, Ohio where my friend Emily Strand was performing at the songwriter's haven, Canal Street Tavern. Finally met the infamous owner, "Mick" and got a mic spot there on the 25th of November. Flopped on Emily's couch and visited the next morning before shoving off for home.

Planning another tour after Thanksgiving that will add Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin (Texas) to the route. Many thanks to many people, especially Christy Hust in Hattiesburg who got all of this rolling and Mike and G.W. here in Cleveland for helping to coordinate.